I graduated from a fundamentalist college where ironically I obtained seeds of unfundamentalism. This came through courses in hermeneutics, an introductory course to philosophy, and some random, uncritical reading about postmodernism. I had plans to read a lot after college. I succeeded in reading maybe 10 books since graduating in 2005, starting and forgetting over 200. I met my wife a year later and we married a year after that. We’ve had lots of rockiness (because of me) but now we have two kids and couldn’t be happier. We dig crime shows, going for walks with our sons, dog shows, eating tons of food, and catching up with old friends. I enjoy musing on things without experiencing them much. So I’m a crappy ethnographer; call me an armchair philosopher who gets bored easily. I am getting better, though. I’ll give you a gold star if you can figure out what mental illness I have :) I was a formerly certified fitness instructor who never instructed anyone and am now an obese person. I just like to eat and don’t really care to work out. I’ve grown up a Christian but question the tradition a lot. I consider myself one and proudly own the label, but you are entitled to figure out what that means for me by reading my blog. I harbor no ill-will toward Christians who think differently than I do on politics, philosophy, theology, religion, or whatever difference. They’re my friends and family. Oh, and you should ask me the meaning behind the blog’s title.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m a Lutheran pastor, but I bet you’d be surprised how much sympathy I have for what I think you’re saying. Peace and best wishes, John

    • Thanks for stopping by, John! I think I’m subscribed to you now. When I attempted it, I got a weird error from Scriptblocker, something about crosslisting. Anyway, if it doesn’t show that I’m subscribed, shoot me a line at ilostmyprayerhanky AT gmail.com. Thanky.

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