I graduated from a fundamentalist college where ironically I obtained the seeds of my skepticism. This came through courses in hermeneutics, an introductory course to philosophy, and some random, uncritical reading about postmodernism. I had plans to read a lot after college. I succeeded in reading maybe 10 books since graduating in 2005, starting and forgetting over 200. I met my wife a year later and we married a year after that. We’ve had lots of rockiness (because of me) but now we have a kid and couldn’t be happier. We dig watching shows together, going for walks with our son, dog shows, eating tons of food, and catching up with old friends. I enjoy musing on things without experiencing them much. So I’m a crappy ethnographer; call me an armchair philosopher who gets bored easily. I’ll give you a gold star if you can figure out what mental illness I have :) I was a formerly certified fitness instructor who never instructed anyone and am now an obese person. I just like to eat and don’t really care to work out. I’ve grown up a Christian but question it to the point where I think I’m probably not one. But I harbor no ill-will toward any Christians. They’re my friends and family. Oh, and the title of the blog has no meaning. Pretend it does. But it doesn’t.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m a Lutheran pastor, but I bet you’d be surprised how much sympathy I have for what I think you’re saying. Peace and best wishes, John

    • Thanks for stopping by, John! I think I’m subscribed to you now. When I attempted it, I got a weird error from Scriptblocker, something about crosslisting. Anyway, if it doesn’t show that I’m subscribed, shoot me a line at ilostmyprayerhanky AT gmail.com. Thanky.

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